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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  June 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney investigators are peacing together the shooter's movements leading up to that massacre and they're zeroing in on how much his wife knew about the plot. noor salman was reportedly with omar mateen when he cased possible targets including wall disneyworld and the pulse nightclub. the feds have reportedly convened a grand jury to investigate salman. she could be charged as an accessory to 49 counts of murder and 53 counts of attempted murder. meanwhile authorities say mateen was likely self radicalized. now the youngest of the 49 victims killed in sunday's massacre was a recent graduate of west catholic prep in west philadelphia. >> and right now friends of akyra murray gathering for a vigil in her memory. fox 29's chris o'connell is live in west philadelphia, chris, a heart broken community coming together tonight. >> reporter: iain, it was less than two week ago that akyra murray graduated third in her class here from west catholic prep.
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well torque night former classmates, teachers and alumni are gathering for a vigil in her memory. the flag outside of west catholic prep at half mass tonight. that is where people are gathering as we speak. the vigil just started. the community here is in mourning over the death of an academic and basketball stand out akyra was the youngest victim of the orlando nightclub massacre. she was there on a family vacation when her cousin and friend all three of them shot and held hostage by gunman omar mateen. murray died after being shot in the arm just 18 years old. to night school administrators will address friends, former classmates, teachers and alumni to troy to make some sense of this senseless tragedy. >> one of the characteristics of the school is that we are a family. so when this type of situation happens in any family, family gathers together and they get strength from one another. so the hope opportunity for our students to speak and be strengthened by one another is the whole reason for doing this.
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>> reporter: as you see people starting to file in to this vigil. the family of akyra murray will not be here. they are still in orlando. i did just get a message from akyra's mother as we speak she is right now signing papers to have akyra's body released back to the family and brought back to philadelphia. dawn? >> so sad. all right, chris, thank you. meanwhile the ben franklin bridge will be lit up in rainbow colors later this evening in honor of all the victims of the orlando nightclub shooting. the colors will be on display through saturday. on capitol hill democratic senator chris murphy of connecticut launched a filibuster to force a vote on gun control legislation. in response orlando's nightclub shooting murphy urging his colleagues to pass a bill that prohibit people on the no fly list from buying firearms. orlando shoot mateen was added to government watch list in 2013. but he was pulled from that
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database when that investigation was closed. the body of a two-year-old little boy killed by an alligator at world disneyworld resort is pulled from the lagoon this afternoon. two-year-old lane graves was wading in the seven seas lagoon at disney's grand flor rid rid yann resort about 9:00 o'clock last night when the alligator pulled him under the water. dives found his body around 1:00 their this afternoon. an autopsy is now being performed by a medical examiner. >> i will share with you that the child was found, his body was completely intact, and so at this time we will go through the formality of making a formal identification. >> investigators say the child who is from nebraska was dragged away by an alligator believed to be about 8 feet long. a noisy afternoon for some residents in the grays ferry section of the city. after an explosion at the viola
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energy facility along grays ferry avenue. officials say a pressure arrived peace of machinery gave way causing the blast. neighbors say the ground shook and windows on some homes even shattered. authorities say one worker was injured but that the worker was treated on the scene and is okay. to a developing story in delaware now. four children are hit by bullets in a wilmington neighborhood. the youngest just 12 years old and tonight neighbors are fed up with the violence. fox 29's bruce gordon was live at wilmington police headquarters following this investigation. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, iain. no word at this hour on the department at the of the shooter or shooters in last night's incident. the latest in a growing number of gun battles playing out on the streets of wilmington's most dangerous neighborhoods. lincoln corbin was putting his three little ones to bed tuesday night when it happened again. a month after a murder in the streets in front of his home shots fired. >> covered over them. >> put your body on top of your kids when you heard the
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shooting. >> of course, yeah. sounded like it was right outside my door. >> reporter: a volley shots just after 9:15 left four teenagers injured. it was the third such shooting in wilmington's trouble hedg hedgeville neighborhood in just the past week. darlene van ripe per herd the gunfire. >> i got up from my bed i said oh, christian. >> she ran outside to see her 12-year-old grandson christian williams sitting on the steps of a row home nursing two bullet wounds. >> he was in shock. he had, um, gunshot in this leg an gunshot in his thigh. >> reporter: are a rant shot shattered this storm door. fuentes family was bringing groceries into their home 15 feet away when the bullets started flying. >> my dad, he tried to cover us. >> reporter: your dad tried to cover with his body. >> yeah. >> reporter: what did he say to you? get on the ground. >> wilmington police were unavailable for comment on camera about this latest violence. but in a press release they asked anyone who saw anything tuesday night to give them a call. lincoln corbin hopes police find
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the shooters but he isn't waiting around for justice. >> try not to be scared to live live but when you're in neighborhood like this, you know -- >> reason to be scared. >> yes, always a reason to really watch what you're doing every second to really look behind your shoulder, look over your shoulders. yeah. >> reporter: no why live. >> it's not. it's not. i'm ready to move out of here so quick. >> reporter: a 15 year old boy remains hospitalized in critical condition at this hour. two other young people hospitalized in stable conditi condition. one, 13-year-old girl involved in that shooting last night apparently an innocent victim again has been treated and released --released, treated fo. much that's the story in wilmington. iain. >> bruce, thank you. turning to your weather authority now, another pretty nice day across our area. here's a live look in wilmington right now. conditions could change overnight. some of could you say get some rain. chief meteorologist scott williams tracking the changes. scott? >> that's certainly right, iain. we saw some clouds and showers in parts of delaware around
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wilmington also dover in sections of salem, cumberland and also cape may county most of the that light activity now moving out to sea. but we have the cloud cover that has already begun to stream in and, yes, some heavier rainfall likely overnight into the first part of the day tomorrow with a main system still off to the west. quiet conditions though at the philadelphia international airport. right now 75 degrees. the afternoon high made it up to 80. dew points right now climbing into the upper 50s. we have 74 degrees in atlantic city. along with pottstown. 79 trenton. cooler though in millville around 71. so hour by hour, more clouds moving in. still pretty comfortable but coming up we'll talk much more about a wet commute for tomorrow, warming again and that father's day forecast. iain and dawn, back to you. >> all right, thank you, scott. philadelphia police wander to you look at newly released surveillance video they say shows the van that hit and killed a 17-year-old girl. investigators think the mini van shown here possibly a chevy
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venture was one -- was the one that killed mayor kayla jackson. it happened monday night along rose vest boulevard near adams avenue. investigators say the teenager was thrown nearly 200 feet after she was hit and died at the scene. vigil for jackson is scheduled for tonight near the scene of that tragic accident. happening now, investigators are peacing together a police involved crash in the city's olney second. skyfox over the scene after a philadelphia police suv and another car collided. both cars ending up on the front lawn of a church. medics rushed four people including two officers to the hospital. >> our karen hepp talked to witness who's describe a very frightening scene. >> reporter: a police suv and a black maxima collided so hard today they bounced off each other and wound up on opposite sides of the first presbyterian church of olney. >> the accident -- >> everyone was injured. skyfox was overhead as officers were loaded on to stretchers to be taken to einstein hospital.
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>> one of the officers wasn't moving either. they said one is pinned in the car and she heard her face look like it swollen. i said that might be from the impact. because you her the impact. >> just sounded like the doors were shaking real hard. >> when the pastor reverend randy barge got outside to inspect the damage, he couldn't believe it. the church was spared but the cars and the people were pretty banked up. >> i did see police officer that seemed to be injured and a person in the other car seemed to be injured as well. >> reporter: all the victims were rush to einstein, investigators tried sort through exactly what happened. police say the officers from the 35th district were on their way to an assist with an arrest when the crash happened right here at third and west taber. >> you know, boom, you know, but we -- before the crash hit, we heard -- we saw the cars flying down the street. >> reporter: with both cars winding up on the steps of a popular church, people stared from their cars. jaws dropping. >> my daughter called me.
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she said there's an accident in front of your church. first presbyterian church of olney. oh, my gosh. my car is parked across the street. >> this is that woman's car. turns out it was just fine. the last time we check on the victims in this case all them were in stable condition and of course the accident investigation division aid we call it is taking a look at this whole case to figure out exactly what happened. that's the latest from olney. i'm karen hepp fox 29 news. fate of congressman chaka fattah and four defendants rests in the hands of a jury. he's charged with 29 counts of corruption related offense at the core of government's case is an illegal $1 million campaign loan that fattah is alleged to have set up. in a month long trial, the defense claimed the feds quote cherry picked evidence to smear fattah and the others. burlington township police the latest local agency to introduced body cameras on to the force. why officials say this tool will work in the favor of officers. plus volunteers roll up their sleeves to put in hard
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work. where two groups came together to turn this neglected land into a beautiful space. howard? >> those phillies have a lineup that's interesting to say the least tonight with ryan howard and maikel franco not in that lineup. and who is baseball trying to make the hit king? all that's coming up in sports.
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♪ oh, bleep. oh, bleep. >> caught on camera in chester county huge explosion. emergency crews rushing to the scene. two alarm fire inside an apartment building in coatesville. it broke out around 12:30 this afternoon. still no word on how it started. fortunately, though, no one is hurt. one philadelphia neighborhood is getting spruced up thanks to a very generous grant. home improvement store lose teaming up with habitat philadelphia to renovate the north philadelphia piece park all thanks to a $70,000 grant from lose more than 200
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volunteers also working together to renovate and repair 15 homes in the shards wood community. >> it gets us out into the neighborhood and really touching the customers. a lot of times we open our doors and the customers come inform this gives us the opportunity to come out, let the neighborhood see what we're capable of doing, continue to partner with habitat for humanity and come out here and make a difference. >> since 2003, lowes has donated more than $63 million to hab at any time for humanity for projects just like this one. pointer size help for an organization that saves doing at risk. fourth graders at radnor elementary donated money to the group new leash on life. the students raised the money all year long by doing extra chores around their homes and then they donated the money to new leash on life. the organization pairs dogs with wounded warriors who are dealing with the effects of post traumatic stress disorder. burlington township police officers are the latest to wear body cameras. >> leaders in the department say
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they will help the officers and the public stay safe. officers demonstrating just how the body cameras work today. the department purchased 50 cameras in all. five officers will begin wearing them in the next few weeks for a trial and error process. department leaders say the will be valuable tool he is special physical there are any accusations of misconduct. this tool allows us now to record our officers in the field. to show them that they are doing the job right. they're doing what they were trained to do that they are accountable officers. they have integrity. they have the notch and wherewithal and ability to do the job. >> the goal is to have all 43 officers in the department wearing the cameras by septemb september. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. another beautiful day out there today. but i guess we shouldn't get too used it maybe a few changes on the way. >> yeah. >> you knew it was coming. >> yeah. >> yesterday it was nice much the day before that was nice. we saw a couple of areas of some light showers earlier in the day, mainly delaware and parts of south jersey.
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but for tonight, the clouds really start to thicken overnight rain into the first part of the day tomorrow. looking kind of wet. but temperatures pretty mild tonight due to the clouds moving in and the shower chances. pretty dry and quiet across much of the area. a couple of sprinkles moving away from atlantic city along with cape may. but earlier once again in the day we saw activity in central parts of delaware around dover also salem and cumberland coun county. dry and quiet right now at the philadelphia international airport. no airport delays right now. we were we have 75 degrees. the high made it up to 80. dew points yesterday were in the 40s. now, they're coming up into the upper 50s nearing 60 degrees. so it will start to feel a little more sticky. we have 79 degrees currently in trenton. 74 wilmington. 73 in dover. cooler where we've had more clouds, even some showers earlier around millville, down to wildwood and also cape may. 81 still, though, in parts of the lehigh valley. the boardwalk in atlantic city checking in at 69 degrees. 68 cape may point.
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we have 70 in avalon and 73 degrees right now in ocean city. so over the next several days, once again, tomorrow the greatest chance for rain primarily the first half of the day. clouds maybe an early shower into friday but the up coming father's day weekend looking pretty good for dad backyard barbecue maybe you'll do some fishinfishing looking great for. by tomorrow morning most of the coverage across parts of the area with moderate to heavy rain may be a rumble of thunder then we're watch another little disturbance move out of the great lakes into western sections of pennsylvania tomorrow afternoon. so we'll watch that for the u.s. open at oakmont just outside of the pittsburgh area. but 73 degrees will be the high temperature tomorrow. we'll keep winds coming in out of the east so that will lock in some of the clouds. but once again you can see still looks unsettled toward the western part of the state. we'll zoom in a little closer as we go hour by hour once again. tonight we start to see those clouds thicken, showers toward the western and central part of
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the state, and then by 4:00 a.m. when you're watching sue, when you're watching bob, likely tracking showers and definitely a morning mess of a commute out there. so allow extra time by lunch time tomorrow still looking at clouds and showers around. the high temperature tomorrow 73 degrees with that heaviest rain in the morning. so we'll take you out to the us open tomorrow oakmont showers and storm chances around. play could be delayed. we'll watch what happens in the afternoon. but the upcoming weekend looking beautiful. with temperatures in the low 80s. so over the neck several days for us, you can see tomorrow cooler and then we dry out for father's day weekend. father's day 84 degrees. summer arrives on monday. it's going to feel like it 80 degrees and 90 tuesday of next week. >> sounds pretty good. >> good for dad. >> all right. that's only right. all right. thanks scott. >> that's today. phillies have a lineup that a lot different than anything would have ever seen at the beginning of the season.
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and some of the golfers are calling the golf course for this weekend's u.s. open may be the toughest of any in the world? a look at what the players are saying coming up in sports.
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♪ the phillies they play the toronto blew jays again tonight. but the next two games of the blue jays are at home. the phillies seven games at one time over 500.
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but now five games under 500. the phillies have not won two games in a row since listen to this may 17th. the phillies are six and 18 since that date. all right. phillies have an interesting lineup tonight. andres blanco is hitting third for the phillies. tommy joseph is batting fourth and ryan howard as it should be is not in the lineup. now i'm not sure why ryan howard would start any game when there's no designated hitter. even like why? ryan howard went four for four yesterday with a strike out. he's hitting .149 in this month he's hitting .111 and even though i know the manager would prefer ryan howard not being on the team the front office is afraid to just release him. keep in mine the dodger got rid of carl crawford and paid him 35 mill million to leave and colorado is paying jose reyes 39 million to leave. let's go to san diego. is a suki got a single at his first at bat. kind of a dribbler much it's
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still a hit being promoted as the 4,056 hit. why is that an important number that's the number pete rose has for the all-time hit record. big difference. itch row has close to 1300 those of those hits in japan. the competition not quiet the same here as it is in japan. nobody will ever break the hit record of 4,256 pete rose and nobody will be close. u.s. open begins tomorrow. it will begin at 10am on fox sports one. and at 5:00 p.m. here on fox 29. now, today the final practice round. let's go to oakmont country club outside of pittsburgh. the golfers already know the winner will be over par for the tournament. the usga over sees this tour event. and when they do something, they make it brutal. the of course is really tough. they have made the rough so deep in many cases you can't seen see the golf ball. the greens are already tougher and they will be made lightning
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fast. >> it's one of the most difficult golf courses i think we'll ever play. >> witness wind yesterday, it would have been, um, i would have signed probably for somewhere around 75ing 76, and shaking everyone's hand and i'll go back and have a beer after that. >> all right. it will be absolutely, absolutely brutal. >> yeah. just trying to survive. >> not fair. at some point it's not. >> you're right. >> be sure to join to us note for the fox 29 news at 10:00. a guy marches into the pizza shop and demands cash. he reaches into the register, takes what he wants and then takes off. but what he use to do get away that's so strange. that's all coming up tonight at 10:00. that will do it for us here tonight at 6:00. we'll see you back here tonight at 10:00 o'clock. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪
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horror at disney world. >> the two-year-old boy snatched by an alligator in front of his parents. >> the air search going on, the water search going on. >> how could this happen at the happiest place on earth? then, it happened to her. how she lost her arm in an alligator attack. >> there i was, gator's mouth on my arm, and it wasn't letting go. then, lost video of the orlando massacre shooter, when he was a security guard. >> they want more disaster to happen. and gasps in the courtroom as blade runner oscar pistorius walks, without his prosthetics. then, i'm not transitioning. >> richard simmons breaks his silence about the shocking reports. then -- >> oprah winfrey! >> oprah


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